Saturday, October 20, 2018

Skeldos - Ilgės tape

The other day I received the most recent Troum/Drone Records newsflash with new additions in the DR catalogue; as usual it starts with personal recommendations by Stefan Knappe/Baraka (H), and one that attracted my attention was his reference to Skeldos, a Lithuanian solo project of Vytenis Eitminavičius of self-described "anxious electronic, industrial, ambient." I definitely don't see the anxious reference here; the musician plays heavy but atmospheric and longing drone/ambient on Lithuanian zither, accordion and acoustic guitar together with organ and synth drones and he also sings in a calming evocative voice in his mother tongue. The result is very close to Troum - therefore Baraka (H)'s recommendation - yet is not derivative, but very personal. The melancholy here is neither too oppressive not gothy-ethereal, it evokes a sense of hope over defeat. 2018 self-released tape.