Thursday, August 22, 2019

Eric Glick Rieman / Lesli Dalaba / Stuart Dempster ‎– Lung Tree

Being a huge fan of the masterpiece Deep Listening where trombone player Stuart Dempster created sonic magic with Pauline Oliveros and Panaiotis, I bought this to check a little more into the rest of his work. This work with keyboardist Eric Glick Rieman and trumpetist Lesli Dalaba mixes free improvised jazz with electroacoustic elements and is a great success. At times playful and at other times greatly mournful it is an amazing listen that deserves close attention. Dempster signs both on the trombone and the didgeridoo, and so do the rest of the musicians. 2005 cd on ReR Megacorp.


Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Jim Haynes ‎– Telegraphy By The Sea

Dense monolithic drone constructed under several years work using field recordings of meteorological phenomena and electromagnetic fields. Excellent. 2009 cd on Helen Scarsdale Agency.


Saturday, August 17, 2019

Christian Vander Trio ‎– Jour Après Jour

Great live nightly jazz album by the one and only Christian Vander accompanied by Philippe Dardelle on double bass and Emmanuel Borghi on piano. Features a composition by Vander, one by Michel Grailler, one by the Sherman brothers (who wrote the music for Mary Poppins lol) and Coltrane's "Like Sonny." 1989 cd on Seventh Records.


Thursday, August 15, 2019

Fear Fals Burning - Function Collapse

I've never heard Fear Falls Burning extensively but I thought it was a continuation of the tribal dark ambient style of VidnaObmana. But this album tells me that really very different is cooking. Accompanied by a manic Colin Webster on tenor sax (frequent collaborator of David Birchall), and Tim Bertilsson on drums (who has played with awesome bands such as the legendary Switchblade, black metal nihilists Craft, and even Candlemass!), Dirk Serries, who handles the guitars, has created a superb recording of improvised psychedelic drone/free jazz, with two long mantras that could be the result of a live collaboration between Swans and Mats Gustafsson. Definitely one of the best albums of this year. 2019 lp on Consouling Sounds.

Download - Removed after request by the label - Listen here

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Current 93 - Invocations Of Almost

Just a few months after the sublime The Stars on their Horsies and the very good The Light Is Leaving Us All (which I only managed to hear today) David Tibet comes again with the music from an installation he did in LA. The title offers great expectations as it shares it with the epic first track from Aleph At Hallucinatory Mountain; the music is some of his darkest and most troubling ambient. I'm too bored to say more, and I think the music will reward you so get it. 2019 cd on The Spheres.


Saturday, August 10, 2019

Coil - Live - Copenhagen 2002

A rather noisy concert performed by Coil in Copenhagen in 2002 which is now offered for free on Thighpaulsandra's website. It features, among others, a very heavy and dark version of "Are You Shivering?", a trippy one of "Ostia The Death of Pasolini," and a cover of "Bang Bang," along with a very obviously heavily drunk John Balance. You can get it either from the source, or from my upload, it's your call.

Friday, August 9, 2019

Coil - Swanyard 2 X Cd

Rather passable compilation of early version of tracks that later appeared on Backwards, The New Backwards, and The Ape of Naples, as well as other 1990s unreleased tracks that sound more like sketches than fully-crafted songs. But I guess like most people who have bought this, we cried oooohhhh Coil archive material and bought it at the blink of an eye. Btw, these tracks come from Danny Hyde's archive, which have made it even more tempting to buy the thing. 2019 2 X CD on Infinite Fog Productions.

Disc 1
Disc 2

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Coil ‎– The Gay Man's Guide To Safer Sex +2

Don't quite understand the necessity of this compilation, but it's still fun. You get the two versions of the "Theme to the Gay Man's Guide To Safer Sex," plus two version of another track on the same TV program, plus the two "Nasa-Arab" songs from Stolen And Contaminated Songs which you already know and love. So, the two title tracks sound to me as the most commercial Coil ever reached and that's a great thing! Very relaxing and sensual acid house/psychedelic dub with an awesome female vocal loop, that really woke me up as I was driving home last night on the highway. The other two songs, Exploding Frogs/Omlagus Garfungiloops, have the same dark cabaret bass line and some far out keyboards, vocals, and sax which remind me a little bit of what Throbbing Gristle unsuccesfully tried to do on Part Two-The Endless Not in a more house approach, and I love it as well. The key words here are sensual and erotic, and it is a great listening suggestion for this fucking heatwave across Europe these days. 2019 cd on Musique Pour La Danse.

PS. Some days earlier I was again driving on the highway at midnight, and I was listening to Neurosis' Times of Grace at quite a high volume and it gave me the creeps! I then stopped at a highway toilet in the middle of nowhere just with trees and stopped lorries with drivers sleeping inside and so scared was I that I peed like ultrafast and didn't even wash my hands!


Tuesday, August 6, 2019

RIP Toni Morrison

During the third year of my English bachelor I discovered Toni Morrison while studying for a course in African-American and Gender Studies. Our teacher taught Octavia Butler's Kindred, Gloria Naylor's Linden Hills and Morrison's Tar Baby. While it seems to be her most overlooked novel, our teacher had the insight to teach us that specific one, a violent love story set partly in the Caribbean between a light-skinned fashion model and a moody runaway criminal. The following lines are probably the most heartbreaking love lines ever put to paper:

"Desperately in love with a woman he could not risk loving because he could not afford to lose her. For he if he loved and lost this woman whose sleeping face was the limit his eyes could safely behold and whose wakened face threw him into confusion, he would surely lose the world. So he made himself disgusting to her. Insulted and offender her. Gave her sufficient cause to help him keep his love in chains and hoped to God the lock would hold. It snapped like a string."

I've read all her books save for the children's books she wrote with her deceased son and her latest novel. I really can't describe the amazement I felt when I read The Bluest Eye, Song Of Solomon, Sula, Beloved, or Jazz. I have bought Beloved to many people as a gift, and most of her novels to my wife, who I love even more after she adored her books. Perhaps her latest novels weren't up to par, and her endorsement of Obama were slightly disappointing, but hey. I want to thank you, Toni Morrison, for all the hours you offered me precious reading time.

Sunday, August 4, 2019

drcarlsonalbion ‎– Edward Kelley's Blues tape

In my previous post I mentioned that Earth's new album is shit. It is actually the greatest disappointment of the year along with Martyrdöd's new horrible album. Against such an unimaginative and manieresque album, here's the solo incarnation of Dylan Carlson without Adrienne Davis. Most of his personal releases are quite similar to what Earth is doing but with more guitar and a more soundtrackish vibe. But this one is tremendously different; it contains two side-long tracks of murky guitar heavy drone loops over which Carlson chants ritual lyrics. The second track is a masterpiece; Carlson delivers an awesome occult mass with his inimitable Southern accent, while a deafening electric drone battles with old-school levitational synths that sound a lot like the early album of the Norwegian Gehenna., but the track could have also been recorded by Troum. 2012 tape on The Tapeworm.