Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Jav Octaves - 01 3" cdr

The concept of this release is creating a waveform with a wav editing a program and then processing variations via a mathematical formula. 2003 3" cdr on Stop/Eject.


Aboolele - Uuuuuu Sssssss Aboolele cdr


Varied noise styles by Israeli "bedroom artist" Aboolele, with rhythmic noises, IDM, and 8-bit-styled harshness. Fun. 2005 cdr ron_zed DIY records.


Monday, February 26, 2018

Wereju ‎– Who And What We Are 4Xtape


 Ambient and drone reverberating synth/guitarscapes by Cathal Rodgers ranging from Culver-like black hole darkness to melancholic longing melodies akin to the Danish synth sound expounded by the Janushoved label. 2010 box of four tapes on Idrone Park.

Download tape 1
Download tape 2
Download tape 3
Download tape 4

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Rivercrest ‎– Etherische Chemie cdr

Fucking awesome psychedelic jazz haze by these Belgians affiliates of Silvester Anfang, with heavy use of the "Memotron," a digitalized alteration of the mellotron, and the saxophone. This would be the heavenly music that would come out had Gong and Soft Machine been one band. Two must-listen jams. 2007 cdr on Funeral Folk.


Saturday, February 24, 2018

V/A - Kazbek: Field Recordings From The Caucasus 2012 - 2014


Sublime collection of field recordings of artists from the areas of Caucasus (Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Abkhazia, and Turkey) recorded by Ben Wheeler, Bulat Khalilov, Timur Kodzoko and Stefan Williamson Fa as part of the Sayat Nova Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of Caucasian music and its ethnomusicological study. This is an accompaniment to the 2013 lp Mountains of Tongues. Each side of the double-tape set features different aspects of this musical tradition: Side A is songs and music ensembles playing uplifting and epic/heroic songs, side B is singers and choirs, side C is wind and reed instruments, and side D is string instruments. There are also some conversations and sounds from villages, giving this a definite Alan Lomax vibe. I can't recommend highly enough that everyone listen to this. Originally released on Winebox Press on a very limited tape run, this is the 2016 re-release on Winebox Press's sublabel Early Music.

Side A
Side B
Side C
Side D

Friday, February 23, 2018

God Pussy - Degenerate Landscape

Jhones Silva, the man behind the Brazilian noise project God Pussy, was kind enough to send me some of his work. He has been quite prolific since 2009, having released multiple standalone pieces as well as notable splits with (among others) Richard Ramirez, Kylie Minoise, the Brazilian power-violence/noise legends Ajax Free, and GX Jupitter- Larsen. You should expect urgent, dense and heavy slabs of swarming harsh noise with an old-school vibe, that is, not clean and too reliant on digitalisms and laptops. I think that Jhones should also be lauded for promoting an antiracist and anti-authoritarian political message against the infringement of indigenous people's rights, police brutality, incarceration and racial discrimination. This is evident both in his writings and videos on his website (""Policia Satanica" bro!), and in his participation in compilations with a political message, such as this one dedicated to Mumia Abu-Jamal. So, while the album he directed me to is offered for free, I think he should receive any kind of support.

Check it on Bandcamp.
Check also the cd Negerplastik on Bandcamp.
Check more God Pussy here and here.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Corrupted - Dios Injusto 7"

At the request of a reader, I'm posting one of the best Corrupted releases ever. If there is one trademark Corrupted guitar riff, for me the central riff of "Dios Injusto" is the one, perhaps alongside the main riff of "Paso Inferior." But this one has this serpentine, crawling arpeggiated style that alsois equally heavy sludge and black metally like the demos of Thorns or some of the riffs of "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas" Mayhem. The "guitar solo" cacophony on the second side is also just indescribable, while both Hevi and Chew are on top of their game here, the first in his Spanish curses and the second in crushing everything on the drums. 1999 7" on Frigidity Discos (<3 @ the Spanish"discos")


Wednesday, February 21, 2018

JPEGMAFIA - Communist Slow Jams

Everything related to this guy's aesthetics is pure gold, from the ironic name to the album title to the confrontational anti-racist lyrics castigating everyone from Eric Clapton and Lemmy to Mastodon and liberal faux anti-racists. Musically, it's an interesting postmodern combination between older dark and grimy hip hop styles and an atmospheric, hypnotic and floating downbeat style that is not too far from Vektroid, recent James Ferraro or Oneohtrix Point Never. In fact, I'm tempted to call this "hypnagogic hip hop" or "vaporwave rap," so if these terms don't exist already, I'm claiming them! On top of that is his acerbic skilled flow that you gotta love. This is offered for free on Bandcamp, so head over there and try to support him financially.

Go there

Aboolele Vs Gaop ‎– Fist Your Ears cdr

One in a series of collaborations between Israeli noisers Gaop and Aboolele, which culminated in a split with Cock E.S.P., something that should tell you enough. This has varied styles, combining harsh and rhythmic noise, glitch, some IDM, even EBM and some Pan Sonic-styled electronics. Quite creative and entertaining. 2005 cdr on ron_zed DIY records.


Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Gaop ‎– Moth cdr

Dark, humid terrifying noise by this Israeli guy. Someone is playing with his pedals deep down in a medieval dungeon, and in the end decides to make a glitch electronics Nintendo track lol. 2005 cdr on ron_zed DIY records.


Monday, February 19, 2018

Zebra Mu ‎– Encrusted Horse Sockets tape


Maddening, sprawling and droning harsh noise by Michael Ridge, aka Zebra Mu, owner of one of the most creative and artistic labels, Quagga Curious Sounds. 2015 tape on Coherent States.


Corrupted - Se Hace Por Los Suenos Asesinos cd


Corrupted's third full-length was equally bleak to the previous one. The first track "Gekkou No Daichi" (it would receive an epic revisit in Garten Der Unbewusstheit), is an acoustic doom-western requiem via almost Tibetan chanting and the two other tracks are characteristic Corrupted apocalypse, the latter one featuring a heavily Celtic-Frosted deathly groove. Must listen. 2004 cd on HG Fact.


Sunday, February 18, 2018

Corrupted - Llenandose De Gusanos 2XCD

Corrupted is the archetypical example of what "doom metal" should mean, and they're my all-time favorite doom/sludge band, from their early crushing riffage days to the epic and melancholic sound of Garten Der Unbewusstheit. On this two-hour-long set, we get one track beginning with a bleak piano line that keeps resurfacing through the most punishing slow and apocalyptic sludge you've ever heard and Hevi's Spanish-language curses on mankind's destructive tendencies. The second track is a 74-minute ambient environment of the world after the apocalypse.

It's a sunny and warm day out here, and my mood is perfect, but I'm posting this to celebrate a new Corrupted vinyl release that was brought out two days ago by Cold Spring and is shrouded in mystery - no samples or anything. Hopefully we'll get to hear it at some point...

1999 double cd on HG Fact.

Disc 1
Disc 2