Friday, September 18, 2020

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Various ‎– Sage Rage

Live gig recorded in Gateshead in 2007 featuring Jazzfinger, Marzuraan, Monoblock, Byron Coley/Alex Neilson, Culver and Noisebastard. 2007 cdr on Fuckin' Amateurs.


Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Little Skull - Collected 7"s

A collection featuring (oh surprise) Little Skull's five 7"s released betweeen 2003 and 2007. There isn't any info in the booklet (just a cryptic note by Dean Brown asking you to give him 10 bucks for another 7" to make up for lost communication) about the order of songs, and the tracks themselves are not separated, so you get one track for each 7", so let's hope that they are at least in chronological order. This is the beginning of Little Skull, so the sound is somewhat cruder, with less acoustic parts and more percussive/accordion driven ritual drone folk at play, but still very evocative and mystical. 2008 cdr on PseudoArcana.


Saturday, September 5, 2020

Bandcamp Fee-waive Day Recommendations: Culver & Fordell Research Unit, Bolivian Fireships, Rovellasca, Lust Rollers, Wyndham Research Institute, Ian Joyce, Plurals

 It's the Bancamp monthly fee-waive Friday so here are some recommendations to spend on as artists are going to get all proceeds from orders.


Yet another piece in the long run of Culver and Fordell Research Unit collaborations and splits, Memento Mori is one of the most ambient ones, effectively superseding both acts' distinctive styles. There's a church quality here that reflects the massive deaths in the UK due to covid, although I don't know whether the sounds were conceived during lockdown. Released on May 1 by Steep Gloss, there are only 2 copies of the tape left (as with all Culver releases there aren't any samples), so act now and buy it here or regret it, because I won't be posting this!


Another great one by Steep Gloss is just out and it's Lust Rollers' Cassette With Collage, a mix of free jazz and skronk/prepared instruments improv, with slabs of harsh noise too. Nice! Check it here.


Bolivian Fireships is another moniker for J.G. Sparkes, who has  been covered and praised here before, and he was kind enough to send me this tape Vol. 1 released by Doomstund during lockdown. The basics behind his dayjob projects are present here in full strength, tape loops, dreamy and dark guitar/synth psychscapes, and the great feeling of leaving compositions incomplete to avoid grand narratives of perfection. Yet another great release you must listen, so go here and do yourself a favor.

Wyndham Research Institute is a project of J.G. Sparkes working with dark ambient master <1, playing sci-fi ambient, something like a more structured Bjerga/Iversen. Excellent stuff, check out Articles I-IV  here,by TQN-aut, the label run by Andy Wood of TQ zine and David Howcroft of No-Audience Underground tapes.


Another nice new release by TQN-aut is If We Believe in Nothing by Ian Joyce, playing ambient synths sort of like Burial's beatless ambient pieces and space age ambient. Check it here.











Rovellasca is one of the monikers of Craig Johnson, visual artist, as well as musician playing as Death In Scarsdale, and owner of the great Invisible City Records. After a series of releases on Matching Head (you must check out Initiation Well) and collaborations with Culver, here's a new release called Empty Vitrines on the Japanese Kirigirisu Recordings, offering two very deep drones of industrial factory quality; you know, the stuff I like that makes me fall asleep. Check it out here.


Rovellasca's most recent output is the tape Delirium, Or Sonata on Crow Versus Crow, which features three more slabs of industrialized ambient drone greatness, with an additional cinematic touch here. Nice, get it here for free, or contribute something.

Finally a new tape called Tour Extracts by Plurals culled from live recordings. There is sublime low-key improvised drone and some epic Robert Fripp-meets Sunn O))) climaxes. Plurals is a guarantee so go here on Panurus Productions' bandcamp and grab it fast.