Sunday, July 22, 2018

TQ Zine # 12 & # 13: Belated Happy Birthday!

Life’s been too busy lately with family, work and studies so I had no time to make a happy birthday post about TQ, so now I’m posting something about both latest issues. Last month TQ Zine marked its first anniversary with #12 celebrating it with a 3-cdr compilation of artists making tracks inspired by three previous issue covers. This is over 3 hours of noise, ambient, and experimental sounds. I haven’t been able to pay full attention to the music, but through two listens I have discovered some new stuff which I might have read about before but didn’t get around to listening to, plus tracks by artists I had already heard. The tracks I particularly distinguished are: an amazing jazzy ambient track by Chlorine (must hear more from them), a cacophonous reed and guitar detuning jam with surreal lyrics from Chow Mwng (congrats for making a track with lyrics for a cover), beautiful floating droney ambient from Ghost Signs, vocal drone and throat singing by James Worse, throbbing and reverberating subterranean drone by Joined By Wire, an amazing combination of early Swans, Skullflower and My Bloody Valentine by Penance Stare (must find out more), this blog’s favorite Posset making a great number poem, organ and string drone by The Daughters of Conceptual Sex Death, and the absolutely best discovery of recent months called Möbius, a vocal ambient drone duo from Newcastle offering an AMAZING witch invocation drone that I can’t stop listening to. How the fuck did these people elude my drone radar? Thank you TQ for ceaselessly teaching me about good music. The content of # 12 is filled with descriptions of the tracks’ recording processes by the artists themselves, and is complete with Rob Hayler’s essay on the origins and characteristics of the No-Audience Underground. Check out the full compilation here.

#13 is a heartfelt tribute to John Peel with accounts of getting to know him or recording Peel Sessions by various artists, and a truly warming comic about him, plus some reviews. I have to say that not having grown up in the UK or the English-speaking world in general I never had the chance to really listen to him during his lifetime, although I had read lots about him through magazine about psychedelic rock as a child. But as I grew up and I became obsessed with grindcore and crust punk I read about his promotion of heroes of my adolescence like Napalm Death and Extreme Noise Terror, and I realize how important it was for someone like him to exist in the established media. This issue is accompanied by a DVD of the documentary Republic about the city of Blyth being voted worst town in England in 1992. I was very intrigued about this doc when I read about a few months ago, but I still haven’t watched it, but looking forward to it.

Next issue seems to have another good offer for its subscribers, namely a Posset cd, which is reason enough for someone to subscribe promptly.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Waz Hoola - Continually Falling Through Open Minds cdr

More slow-moving modulating phased-out, spaced-out droning prayers, this time played live in the English North-East. 2007 cdr on Infinite Exchange.


Find more cds by this excellent project elsewhere on this blog.

Friday, July 20, 2018

Waz Hoola - Awash With Fear And Self Loathing cdr


Deep as fuck synth-based bass hypno-drone for those desperate hours when your soul is in pieces and you can't sleep. Monotonous but deeply cathartic. 2007 cdr on Infinite Exchange.


Thursday, July 19, 2018

Lubyanka - Suprematism 1 2Xcdr

This is a work focusing on Kazimir Malevich's Black Square (see below), attempting to evoke the emptiness and nothingness of that painting. The first track/cd features an unchanging electronic tonal drone while the second is a destructive fuzzy devouring misery; no change, no meaning, just pure construction from a sprawling nothingness. 2009 double cdr on At War With False Noise.


Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Sete Star Sept - Beast World tape

At the request of a good reader fella I'm posting the most recent 7S7 full-length, which has been released on tape, lp and cd. It's a great noisecore experience; side a features some of their most savage albeit focused and tightly-played material, slightly leaning more on the grindcore side and featuring the shrieked vocals of Kae Takahashi, which is close to John Chang's awesomeness. Side b consists only of drums and vocals (this time by drummer Kiyasu Ryosuke-has also played in Fushitsusha!) playing short tracks of improvised noisecore. All tracks of this side are entitled like "Bitch Ass Motherfucker" or "Shitlicker" and they are played by shabby drums and gruff growls, in a lovingly retarded style this side of old Gerogerigege. 2016 tape on Revulsion Records.


Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Sete Star Sept - Tape Collection 2013

Another compilation of ear-splitting noisecore violence by the Japanese masters from various splits and live gigs. 2014 cd on At War With False Noise.


Sunday, July 15, 2018

Sete Star Sept - Best Hit Collection 2004-2009 cd

Awesome Japanese noisecore/grindcore with a rock'n'roll edge ala Gore Beyond Necropsy. This is a cd featuring tracks from various splits and tapes from 2004-2009. Apart from the expected short blasts of fury, there are a number of crushing sludge tracks up to par with the Japanese greats of sludge Corrupted, along with a 16-minute psychedelic jazz turned black doom masterpiece! 2014 cd on At War With False Noise.