Friday, April 7, 2023

Danish String Quartet - Prism III: Beethoven / Bartók / Bach – Prism III


 Was about to post their latest (Prism IV), and I realized I hadn't posted this one, so there. Not much to be said.

2021 cd on ECM.




Thursday, April 6, 2023

Maurizio Bianchi – Tavola Anatomica X


 I think that MB is getting increasingly hit or miss, but this is industrially on spot. Very lo-fi and enveloping guaranteed industrial noise ambient.

2019 cdr on Tavole Anatomiche.


Tuesday, April 4, 2023

The Gerogerigegege – >​(​decrescendo) Final Chapter

 Secondary, 4 of 9

 Originally posted the first version of this here, so what's new? The first track, "Farewell Dream Treatment (aka Our Dreams Is Over)" is the full original decrescendo album in one track, while the second track "Destructive Crust Treatment (aka To The End Of The World)" is one of Gero's most depressing and unrelenting noise/industrial tracks, certainly no humor here.

2022 2 X cd on Inundow.



Monday, April 3, 2023

Swans Is There Really A Mind?


New Swans album coming this year, so as always Gira recorded acoustic demo versions of the songs to be recorded. Some of them sound very sinister, others sound very close to leaving meaning. Personally, I hope this album will be heavier and more unholy than leaving meaning. Going to see them live this summer!!

2022 cd on Young God.


Sunday, April 2, 2023

A.G. - Lonea


Hello after such a long time. Things were bad, busy, hectic, lots of changes. Things are still not good, though slightly quieter. Thanks to everyone that asked about me and wrote in general. I know it was not polite not to answer but I really didn't want to get into the idea of having to write again on the blog. But yeah, there's lots of stuff I'd still like to share.

So A.G. is a Greek musician and visual artist. His music is based on piano and sounds and is very solitary, melancholic and deep. I love this album and A.G.'s music in general. I'll post some more stuff.

2020 2 X Lp on Arbouse Recordings.


Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Aidan Baker & Tomas Jarmyr - Werl


 I had written about Werl 3 last year, which Aidan Baker's collab with Gareth Davies and Tomas Jarmyr (Motorpsycho). This album is the precursor of that one, but not in Baker's usual ambient/drone style. This is Baker sodomizing the guitar and Jarmyr blasting everywhere, playing an unstoppable prog/free jazz/post metal delirium, always reaching higher and higher. 2016 cd on Consouling Sounds.


PS: On vacation as of yesterday, so no posts for a few days.