Sunday, October 28, 2018

øjeRum - Selv I Drømme Lyser Den Første Sne

Something is rotten in the kingdom of Denmark. So many artists emerge from there, wielding their synths and trying to put us in a state of complete depression. As if (old) Croatian Amor and labels Posh Isolation and Janushoved weren't enough, here comes øjeRum creeping under our skin with a twenty-minute completely addictive track of looped organ melancholy, painting a landscape of complete desolation. What I see is only pure white; everything has died and I just want to crawl in a corner, curl up and fall asleep, but the white is piercing my closed eyelids. Is this true or am I seeing things in the comatose state I am? I totally find this looped melody to be the soundtrack to a person being in coma. I was listening to this two hours ago while helping my baby child burp from his meal, and he fell asleep to it. Should I be worrying about him? On the flipside, the same melody receives a dramatic violin interpretation by Aaron Martin, making things even more apocalyptic and suicidal. 2018 LP on Midira Records.