Sunday, October 21, 2018

Daina Dieva & Skeldos ‎– Aviliai

Wow just wow. Here Skeldos is collaborating with fellow Lithuanian singer/musician Daina Dieva creating a gorgeous piece of dark ambient/drone in three long tracks; first track is an imposing religious-like hymn with Daina Dieva in a chanting mode similar to older Grouper and Skeldos in background chants while a haunting drone is lying underneath; track 2 is a 21-minute epic with fog-horn heavy drones and dissonant ghostly violins building and building in a Culver-ian climactic fashion as Daina Dieva continues her chants. Track 3 is one of the most captivating tracks I've heard recently; based on a very simple repetitive droning organ sound loop, Daina Dieva offers a completely heartwarming and devastatingly beautiful vocal performance. The fragile beauty and the fleeting string and accordion sounds remind me a lot of Troum, but this has its own distinctive personality. The production is also worth-noting as it showcases a deep church reverb that elevates the atmospheres generated by the two musicians. An absolute must hear. 2015 self-released cd.