Sunday, September 30, 2018

Möbius - Above The Clouds, Night cdr

Those readers who remember the TQ anniversary post will remember my raving about a track featured on the compilation that accompanied that issue contributed by Möbius. This is a vocal drone duo from Newcastle consisting of a guy doing very low pitched hums and occasional death grunts similar to background synthesizers or a Tibetan monk and a woman singing, moaning and mourning above with a gorgeous voice. Their approach is narrative and generating images of demons, witches, cauldrons and Cthulhu. Möbius is really the new breaking out unit from the ever prolific and inspiring North-East  English/Tyneside womb of drone/noise. From what I see in this video they also have a ritualistic aspect to them that reminds me a little bit of Phurpa, something that makes them even more adorable in my eyes and mind. And to make things even better, I saw that an oncoming TQ issue will be coming with the new Möbius recording for free, so I hope that more people will become exposed to them; this means that a subscription to TQ to get the cd is a pressing necessity! And for those who still haven't made the right move to contact David Howcroft of No-Audience Underground for live tapes of the great artists of the North-East region, I think that this cdr will convince you to do so, as David has already recorded and generated four Möbius gigs on tape along with other great people such as Death In Scarsdale, Womb, MP Wood! Admire this amazing cdr and do any necessary action now! 2017 cdr on Inverted Grim-Mill Recordings (cool name).