Sunday, September 23, 2018

itdreamedtome - A.Y. and various Johann Wlight releases

If I had heard this in time, I would probably have called the best release of 2017. If you remember, one of the participants in the Pylons and Telegraph Poles comp of the previous post was Johann Wlight, a quiet and evasive figure of the English drone underground who had released a few tapes and cdr-s in the 2000s on Evelyn Records, Matching Head tapes and other imprints but never became a household name. He plays psychedelic devotional drone/ambient with a focus on mysticism.

The itdreamedtome moniker is the one under which he now records after years of silence and it shares its name with the title of a tape he released on Matching Head in the 2000s. It's an amazing release coming in a great package with beautiful esoteric images (John Bunyan's The Pilgrim's Progress and others) and the music is sublime. Deep ambient with an angelic and frozen quality intermingled with some darker industrial tones ending in a levitating/peaceful dying orchestral ambient track of the order of William Basinski. A must hear offered by Trome Records, the continuation of Evelyn Records that had released the comp I mention at the beginning. The bandcamp download I got when I ordered the cd offered two additional releases: Johann's 2004 Y.V. on Evelyn, in which he experiments with heavier drones and slightly harsher tones while still containing the psychedelic/hypnotic edge, and the previously unreleased thunderthighbonetrumpet which is so spectrally and cinematically good I can't understand why he never brought it out. As an additional bonus I share two more releases of his I found on Internet Archive where they were posted for free: 2004's dark and menacing Dauswkn 2007's Oneironautic Recrudescence, both on on Sijis, on which he combines field recordings and electronic soundscapes to great effect.

itdreamedtome - A.Y.
Johann Wlight - Y.V.
Johann Wlight - thunderthighbonetrumpet
Johann Wlight - Dauswkn
Johann Wlight - Oneironautic Recrudescence