Sunday, September 2, 2018

Papal Bull - In Is In, An Is An, Nrmeegecy Is Emergency, Uyo Is You, Cna Is Can, Siht Is Shit, On Is On, Polihs Is Polish, Tiancvdseetas Is Sedevacantist cdr

Papal Bull is a project of Joe Murray (Posset) and Jon Marshall (Singing Knives). The approach is similar to Posset's musique concrète/sound poetry, i.e. the soundtrack of dental suction, accompanied by noisy improvisations on piano, violin and a very cool demented jazz track called "Brassy Exit Burrs" with jazzy drums and mouth horns. I also must mention the title; I love the anagrams and I also love doing this mentally, i.e. when I watch a movie and I place vowels or consonants of words I here separately and alphabetically very quickly. Then my brain hurts. Shit. 2016 cdr on Chocolate Monk.


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