Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Songs About Dying Compilation CD-R

I guess you expected this one would include "Don't Fear The Ripper" or maybe "Gloomy Sunday," didn't you? Well, no this is Pjorn 72, the label of Fordell Research Unit mastermind Fraser Burnett (we love him and his label compilations around here-check the tags) and this is a comp featuring many of the artists this blog worships and contains different styles. Lo-fi black metal by Incest Whore, horror noise by Scrim, a cappella folk by Wounded Knee, a black-metaly drone by Culver, computer noise loops by Dead Labour Process (great name), Popol-Vuh-like meditations by Nackt Insecten, space bubble noise by UFO Antler Band, an awesome guitar-synth mourning psychedelic hymn by Andy Jarvis, a menacing black hole drone by Sindre Bjerga and Meredith Hunter, fizzy drones by Fordell Research Unit, lo-fi dictaphone manipulations by Usurper, a huge sound drone-at-the-gates by Jazzfinger, heavy noise/drone by Shareholder, field recordings of the outdoors by Blood Stereo (Dylan Nyoukis and Karen Constance) and some more drone manip by Grant Smith. 2011 cdr on Pjorn 72.


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