Wednesday, May 9, 2018


Yet another comp by the great label Pjorn 72, featuring the vastness of Culver's drones, psychedelic electronic house by Legion (totally unlike the track they made on Doing the Right Thing Takes the Emptiness Away comp), a really calming and uplifting acoustic guitar track by Fordell Research Unit, abstract electronics by Twocsinak, two synth gems by Midwich, funny percussive Casio synthy music by Button One, an oscillating stretched drone by Wounded Knee, heavy bass drone by Subvs.Loop, screechy rhythms by Tartan Trolley, office muzak by The Maniac Upstairs (who is getting his rifle to kill his colleagues at the office downstairs), music for kids science documentaries on a sequencer by Pop.1280, glitch by O'er The Moon, and drone pop by Milklemonadechocolate. 2006 cdr on Pjorn 72.


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