Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Archagathus / Lt. Dan split 7"

Well, well. One would say "dude this is grindcore, it's like the next 7", but sisters and brothers this one's really good. Archagathus are at their punkiest/grooviest, it's like hearing an oi!/old punk band doing grindcore covers, and their double growl vomit/mindless high-pitched screams are so fucking great. Lt. Dan (one man American grindcore project, with a logo font taken from Agathocles) play ultra-fast grind/crust close to early Nasum, and the loveliest about them apart from the great cymbal action and the punky attitude is the high-pitched side of the vocals, which are probably just "ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-taaaaaaaa" awesomeness. Git it! 2014 7" on Grindfather Productions and Bloodspit Records.


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