Thursday, November 4, 2021

Bandcamp Friday recommendations

 As it is obvious, I have next to no time for uploads these days, but I thought it would be good to make some bandcamp recommendations for this month's fee-waive Friday, so there we go.

Brandstifter & Diurnal Burdens - An Alpine Drama (Moonside Tapes) - link

Alternating between heavy freezing ambient and weird electroacoustic stuff.

Diurnal Burdens & Matt Atkins - Idle Magnetism (Courier) - link

Hypnotic improv and tape splurge.

Territorial Gobbing & Diurnal Burdens (Czaszka) - link

 You now know what to expect

Liminal Haze - 4 (Important Drone Records) - link

Diurnal Burdens/Death In Scarsdale/Rovellasca collaboration, deep modular ambient immersion

Liminal Haze - 5 (Park 70) - link

Even more of that 

Rovellasca - The Fissure of Rolando (Park 70) - link

Drone distortion, not too different from Culver.

Rovellasca - Rhizomes (Modern Tapes) - link

Somber synth drone and tape hiss.

While we are on the subject, check MVK - Hic Svnt Monstra (deep drone, link) and Jonathan Deasy - Taiga (modular non-movement, link) from Invisible City Records, run by Craig Johnson (Liminal Haze, Rovellasca, Death In Scarsdale), and Papal Bull - Let's Call it Fun Time (casio noise/joy from Posset and Roman Nose, link) and the three WICKED blank tape compilations (here, here and here) by Steep Gloss, run by Ross-Scott Buccleuch of Diurnal Burdens/Liminal Haze). This treasure is for free so you can just support these superb guys.

Golden Vomit - Beyond All Reason (Celebrate Psi Phenomenon) - link

Haare side project, same amounts of psychedelic evil space rituals

Pat Moonchy - Wintersun (link) and Wintermoon (link)

Somewhere between deep listening and witches dancing in the forest

Boban Ristevski & Calineczka - Breathe (Important Drone Records) - link

Wow, pineal gland moving modular drone just took a turn towards the epic


  1. Hey, if or when you're able to post music, I would really appreciate it if you could help with posting some Evolution Control Committee stuff that I cannot find anywhere online :

    The Last Mall (1991) : A cassette with crank phone calls synths and tape loops. Apparently came packaged in a "Lazarusears" shopping bag....

    Unreleased Ambient Works (2002) : A CD with dark, atmospheric and illbient type work. Either it has 7 tracks and is 34:43, or 8 TRACKS and is 38:29, I don't know, man.

    Subliminal (1996) : A Cassette featuring many layered subliminal self-help recordings. Here's the sales pitch : "This somewhat conceptual release was made to be the ultimate subliminal self-help tape: It combines various actual subliminal cassettes which help the listener stop smoking, lose weight, get rich, develop your ESP powers, get a better job -- over a dozen subliminal tapes in all, layered together, producing an ambient wash that should (theoretically) give the listener the benefits of all tapes at once.-Ç However, side two is a reversed version of side one -- causing the listener to start smoking, gain weight, lose money, retard your ESP powers, get demoted, and so on... a manic depressive album, if ever there was one." - Evolution Control Committee

    And finally, and most unlikely.....

    The Television Will Not Be Revolutionized (Late 90's, probably 1996 or 1997) : "Out first video! A compilation of "slide videos" previously seen only at live shows. Includes many unreleased songs, a live puppet show for The Acid Family (from Gunderphonics), a Teddy Ruxpin doll chanelling William S. Burroughs, as well as a performance of piano deconstruction from July 4th, 1994. Over an hour of video for only $13!" - The Evolution Control Committee

    Obviously, if you don't have any of this, feel free to disregard, but I'm really desperate to complete my collection. I'll keep following this space just in case.....peace

  2. sorry, no i don't have any of these

    1. Darn.....well, thank you for telling me at least. Peace

    2. Hey, if we're still doin' requests, do you have Consult/Manage and Cave Dwellers Society by Sick Buildings?

    3. yes, i have those, might do them soon

    4. Really? Awesome, that would be great!

    5. Hey, you haven't updated in a long time. Are you okay???

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  4. Missing your posts. Hope you're okay. Best wishes from Munich!

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