Friday, March 22, 2019

Stuart Chalmers - Sound Environments 2: Woodlands

Following his Sound Environments 1, which Stuart Chalmers recorded in caves in the UK, for this releases wandered around forests in Cumbria and Yorkshire and made a series of recordings out in the open with sounds of birds, insects, and flowing water interfering. He used his beloved swarmandal, a destroyed piano, bones, pieces of wood, and other things and created a hauntingly beautiful collection of material that shifts between pagan ritual music and magnificent physical ambient created mainly by the swarmandal. I love Stuart's noisy and loop-centered stuff, but when he plays on this Indian instrument, the results are always outstanding. This is a digital-only release accompanied by a number of pics of the forests where he recorded, but don't be content with downloading for free. He gives half of the proceeds from this release to the Woodland Trust that is in charge of preserving these forests, so I highly recommend you give something back through bandcamp, mmmmkay?


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