Tuesday, March 26, 2019

J.G. Sparkes - Past Lives, Near tape / less than 1/ The Wyndham Research Institute

J.G. Sparkes is an ambient musician from Stockholm, and he was kind enough to send me this tape to listen to. First of all, I loved the artwork depicting this picture of Jupiter, and the music was entrancing. We're talking really good ambient, shuffling between calming, soothing sounds created mostly with processed guitars and synths, and somewhat unsettling environments. This is music ideal for the early mornings of spring, when it is still somewhat chilly and the sun just begins to show over the buildings and the mountains. Another elements I liked was the kind of abrupt ending of the tracks; I like this in recordings because it provides a feeling of snippets into life, a documentary tactic of fleeting moments of existence, not a grande scenario of fully-fledged artistic-ness. 2019 tape on the beautifully named Do You Dream of Noise? label.


I checked a little bit more in J.G.' bandcamp, and I saw that he's collaborated twice with the great dark ambient artist <1, once for a self-titled release of ambient/space/darkness exploration, and once as The Wyndham Research Institute, for sci-fi soundtrack atmospheres. Check and download both for free.

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