Sunday, December 9, 2018

Clock DVA - Buried Dreams LP

Definitely the crowning achievement not only of Adi Newton working under the moniker Clock DVA (he's also had other peaks in his career such as the Psychophysicist album that is coming up next), but of whatever could be called rhythmic industrial, EBM or whatever. It is a horrifyingly dark and menacing album: no light emerges here. There is a totally perverted atmosphere, reflected also in the lyrics/liner notes which refer to De Sade (but there's also a political aspect with "The Hacker"). This was one of my earliest forays into experimental/electronic music as a teenager of 15, I was scared shitless when I first listened to it, and man, it still gives me shivers. "The Reign" is so fucking scary, I'm writing this thing listening to it right now in the dark with only a small lamp in order not to wake up my baby son and my hair is standing right up there. I've read that the cd remasters suck sound-wise, but dear readers, this rip is straight from the vinyl, so devour this album with abandon. 1989 LP on Interfisch Records/Wax Trax!


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