Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Sete Star Sept - Beast World tape

At the request of a good reader fella I'm posting the most recent 7S7 full-length, which has been released on tape, lp and cd. It's a great noisecore experience; side a features some of their most savage albeit focused and tightly-played material, slightly leaning more on the grindcore side and featuring the shrieked vocals of Kae Takahashi, which is close to John Chang's awesomeness. Side b consists only of drums and vocals (this time by drummer Kiyasu Ryosuke-has also played in Fushitsusha!) playing short tracks of improvised noisecore. All tracks of this side are entitled like "Bitch Ass Motherfucker" or "Shitlicker" and they are played by shabby drums and gruff growls, in a lovingly retarded style this side of old Gerogerigege. 2016 tape on Revulsion Records.


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