Friday, November 3, 2017

The Skull Mask - Sahumerio 3" CDR

The Skull Mask is the solo guitar project of Miguel Pérez from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, who is also known for the harsh drone project La Mancha Del Pecado (under which moniker he has collaborated extensively with the mighty Culver), and ambient black metal band Leteo. In The Skull Mask he plays ecstatic, feverish, cavernous droning acoustic guitar incantations for the deities of the underworld that would fit perfectly a wandering both along the barren landscapes of the Mexico-Texas border or on the Arabian deserts. Miguel is an amazing guitar player - not to mention a very kind person - , his style and dexterity very close to Sir Richard Bishop's, and this little, beautifully packaged cdr is one of the best examples of his amazing output, which can be found here. This is highly recommended. 3" cd on the superb but unfortunately defunct Striate Cortex.


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