Thursday, November 30, 2017

The Cavities ‎– Thee Asteroids Have Hit Our Heads AKA Various ‎– Soldering The Fuckin' Solitude Monitor 7"

Bleak Bliss had posted this last year in its original form as the Soldering the Fuckin' Solitude Monitor 7", but unfortunately it has been expired, so here I'm uploading another version of this release. For some reason, this has also been released as Thee Asteroids Have Hit Our Heads by a band called The Cavities, about whom I know nothing (could anyone lighten me up?). Discogs says this is a mispress of the original 7" and has a different artwork and different catalog number, but the tracks are the same, with one organ-and-loops track by Remora, guitar improvisations by Joincey's Coits, a psychedelic loop dream by Ashtray Navigations, and a fuzzed bass-noise piece by Ghostdad. 1997 7" on Phil Todd's Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers.



  1. oh
    i still have that other version (dl'ed from bleak bliss)
    i took the liberty to upload it, here it is:!OJQiGLRY!rZ6ZjDH8cTx23mY2J0AZcvF4UnMIBKEB1aanM5wwD5Q

    cheers !

    and thanks for sharing

    have a nice weekend

    1. forgot to add:

      all credit goes to the original uploader (his rip, not mine)...