Friday, August 18, 2017

Kleistwahr - This World Is Not My Home


Kleistwahr is the solo project of Gary Mundy of Ramleh. Not too far away from his main band, the music here is extremely bleak, starting with some amazing melancholic guitar tones and moving to very dense but depressive harsh noise, and then alternating between moments of defeated lull to agonizing and soul-crushing washes of noise that are almost cathartic. This is some great break-up music for the deaf. 2014 cd on Fourth Dimension Records.



  1. With that description, I am sold.
    It is mostly what I want to listen to all day,

  2. I have @Mediafire some of my fav records, hope you like some (if you do not have them already).
    It is to say thank you!

  3. Yeah!

    If you have more Kleistwahr albums please bring it here!

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  5. thank you very much deocliciano, this is superb!!!