Friday, March 5, 2021

Bandcamp Friday

 Let's take a break from the Gero with some nice stuff on Bandcamp to support on the fee-waive Friday.

Alan Morse Davies - Ys

Working at the crossroads of avant-garde, drone and hypnagogic, Alan Morse Davies has crafted a dense cloud of music that could be considered post-industrial and medieval at the same time. On Submarine Broadcasting Company.

Drekka - Examinations 2016-2018

At times cinematic and at other times claustrophobic, this is really enveloping and mournful dark ambient. On Fabrica.

C. Lavender - Transient Seclusion

Heavy vibrating synths on spaceships. On Longform Editions.

Lush Worker - Serum

Complete zoning session as only Mike Vest of Bong can do. On TQN-aut.

Bolivian Fireships - Untitled

Yet another hazy drone/ambient/tape decay sail by J.G. Sparkes working on his alter ego as Bolivian Fireships. On Hream Recordings.

Threes And Will - Lkhümbe

Heavily badly-tripped combination of noise, zoning psychedelia and kraut by this Estonian guy. Music made by cannibals who got their hands on pedals and mics. On The Level Of Vulnerability.

Haare/VU - Split tape

Some recent Haare was hit-or-miss as it was more focused on harsh noise, but this is spot-one ritual dark ambient with some heavy junk industrial. VU plays foggy and noisy drone/ambient. On Brownhill Mafia.

Time Binding Ensemble -  Nothing New Under The Sun

This is fucked up. Inspired by a Catholic seminary, musician Kay Logan processed classical instruments through crumbling tapes to make on of the most hypnagogic albums in recent memory. On Kit Records. 

Harry Bertoia - Glowing Sounds

Extremely awesome gong composition recorded at three different speeds. Can't get enough of this. On Important Records.

Nurse With Wound & Aranos - [SIC]

Cavernous and unsettling electroacoustic awesomeness. On United Dairies.

Winged Ma'at - Man Is An Insect

Shit, I already liked Winged Ma'at but this too good. Heavy astral incantations of the old Egyptian gods. Must listen. On Bloxham Tapes.

Reader Advisor - Comical Palliatives for Human Disquiet

Reader Advisor is guitarist Niels Frantz making richly textured ambient drones that can be both uplifting and unsettling. Digital release only.

Fun With Nuns - Fun With Nuns LP

Improv collective from Thessaloniki, Greece doing punkified free jazz. On Wax Records.

Fun With Nuns - Πανήγυριc

Another recording by the same guys showing great improv skills. The sax player and the drummer are beasts! On Amateur Radio.

Controlled Death/Mayuki Hino - Split LP

The One continues to delve into the brain function of cockroaches, while on the other side there's ex-CCCC member Mayuki Hino, bombing with harsh noise stabs. On Cold Spring.

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