Monday, December 21, 2020

Hair Stylistics











I haven't abandoned the blog, but it's been incredibly difficult for me to steal away some time to write up anything here. Work, PhD duties, and spending time with my son and wife is taking up all of my time. I hope to be able to work here a little bit at Christmas. 

Reader Friend of a sinner asked if I could upload some Hair Stylistics material for a friend of his called "sinner" whose mood would lighten up with these things, so being the positive and free-hug guy that I am, there it is. By the way, yes I know that dump posts suck but frankly I wouldn't be able to finish up with this if I didn't do it this way.

2010 - After Death Party Time - download

2010 - Forever Shibuya HMV - download

2010 - I Hate Your Dream - download

2010 - Portrait Of Psychic Ventriloquist - download

2010 - Punkrock Rape Scandal - download

2010 - The Blood Sucking Animals - download

2010 - The Heavy Metal Lessen - download

2013 - Dynamic Hate - download


  1. Yes! This is awesome, thank you so much


  3. HAHA yer crazy! I luvs dumps!

  4. Thx! I am a big supporter of music and Bandcamp but man his Bandcamp is $$$

  5. I will never complain about a dump of Hair Stylistics.
    That is damn sure.

  6. Hay, I read that guy's post, and he listed 4 other albums. Are you by any chance going to upload those at a later date?

    1. Also, interesting thing to note (as a fan of V.O.G. and Hair Stylistics myself) : Apparently on another Hair Stylistics release called The Middle Age Massacre from December of 2010, actually has For Noise Party People, Part 3 listed as the final track. The Discogs page even has track times ; maybe that could be included, if at all possible? Here's the page :

      By the way, it's real cool of you guys to upload Hair Stylistics. There are so many releases that have fallen by the wayside, it's a goddamn shame.

    2. Hey, dude, you really shouldn't worry him for ask for more. Give the man some time, he said himself he has work, phd studies, and a family to take care of. Also, if you're gonna request, you should also post links to the others

      The Rape Dojo (February 2010) :

      The Rape Commander (march 2010) :

      Like a Prety Lady (September 2010) :

      For Noise Party People (December 2010) :

      The Middle Age Massacre (December 2010) :

      This way, he knows what you're referring to and can check accordingly. Just for the future

  7. Thank you for making this solstice unforgettable

  8. Not to worry, I know this blogging thing must take a lot of time. Always appreciated.

  9. I absolutely love you. In a completely platonic and on opposite shores of an ocean kind of way, of course. I check in regularly and really appreciate the music and all the work you put into this. Thank you. Now go spend some time with your family. I'll still be here when you come back.