Friday, October 2, 2020

Bandcamp fee-waive Friday recommendations: Ron Morelli, Anna von Hausswolff, Stephan Thelen, strom|morts, Lucy Railton

 It's yet another bandcamp monthly fee-waive Friday. Family, studies, and trying to survive in a dangerous and covid-infested working environment takes up all of my time, which means very little energy and mood for writing up posts, so here's a little something of things I have managed to hear a little bit that deserve to be supported financially. Oh yeah, and you fascist covid denier who is going to come here and spread your worthless conspiracy theories, this time you are going to be deleted. Fuck off.

My new favorite sleep-inducing noise piece is Betting on Death by Ron Morelli on Hospital Productions. It's the sound of the long, deep and tortuous crash of stock markets as expressed through droning analog modular synths and toxic industrial darkness. Among the contenders for album of the year.

Anna von Hausswolff never ceases to make excellent music and with her new album All Thoughts Fly on Southern Lord she returns to her basics, which is making funereal pipe organ epics. Sure I miss her voice and her latest Swans-like influences but this is exceptional. 

I haven't heard Stephan Thelen before but I just saw he's composed violin pieces performed by Kronos Quartet and a Polish female string quarter called Al Pari Quarter in this album called World Dialogue on Rare Noise. The track played by Kronos Quartet called "Circular Lines" is an intense 13/4 chopping marching violin epic and the track by Al Pari is of equal dramatic anxiety (there are two other tracks but this is a pre-order). I'm going to order this because it sounds really nice.











strom|morts is a Swiss drone group consisting of Didier Severin (singer of one of my all-time favorite math/sludge/experimental hardcore groups Knut) and members of Abraham. They play massive tectonic drone both with rock instruments and modular synths. They have a new song called "Sixteen Warehouses," which is for free, as most of their stuff on bandcamp, but you can support them anyway. 

Finally, Lucy Railton has posted a recording of Louange à l’Éternité de Jésus from Olivier Messiaen's Quatuor pour la fin du temps played in a church by cello and organ, with sounds of a kid crying. The sound is primitive and deep and utterly dark. It's for free and money goes to refugee aid. Depressing but stunning.


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