Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Mega Dälek & related groups (iconⒶclass, Deadverse Massive) post for New Year

This morning I was looking in Discogs for Arvo Part's early 1960s USSR recordings, since I have got some good unexpected money. Unfortunately the prices were too high for me to afford, but I laughed because Discogs lists 666 Arvo Part releases. And think that Arvo is the closest I get to Christianitty during Christmas and Easter, since I usually play chants of his to my students.

At my dear friend Samuel's request, here's a - hopefully - comprehensive discography of one the greatest hip hop groups of all time, Dälek, plus some related projects involving MC Dälek - Will Brooks. I have already expressed my love for the dense industrial and experimental rap innovations Dälek have offered, so I won't really go into great  detail, and without further ado, here we go.

1998 - Negro Necro Nekros (Gern Bladsten)

2000 - Techno Animal/Dalek -  Megaton/ Classical Homicide (Matador)

2002 - Dalek vs Dalek 7" (Music Is My Heroin)

2002 - Kid606 vs Dalek - Ruin It EP (Tigerbeat 6)

2002 - From Filthy Tongue Of Gods And Griots (Ipecac)

2003 - Dalek vs Velma 12" (M:Narsitik)

2003 - Faust & Dalek - Nummer 3 (Bomb Mitte)

2004 - Faust vs Dalek - Derbe Respect, Alder (Staubgold, Klangbad)

2005 - Dalek / Oddateee split 7" (Delboy Records)

2005 - Absence (Ipecac)

2005 - Dalek vs Zu 7" (Psychotica Records, Wallace Records)

2006 - Streets All Amped 12" (Ad Noiseam)

2007 - My Education vs Dalek spit 12" (Thirty Ghosts Records)

2007 - Abandoned Language (Ipecac) - their absolute masterpiece and one of the five best hip hop albums of all time

2007 - Dälek / Destructo Swarmbots / Oddateee ‎– Deadverse Massive (Public Guilt)

2007 - Deadverse Massive Vol. 1: Dälek Rarities 1999-2006 (Hydrahead)

2008 - Dälek vs. Ifwhen ‎– Hear Less / No Good Trying (Claire's Echo)

2009 - DJ Baku vs. Dälek ‎– DJ Baku vs. Dälek (Daymare)

2009 - Gutter Tactics (Ipecac)

2010 - Untitled (Latitudes)

2010 - The Young Gods And Dälek ‎– Griots & Gods - Les Eurockéennes Festival de Belfort (Two Gentlemen Records)

2016 - Molten (track)

2016 - Asphalt For Eden (Profound Lore)

2017 - Endangered Philosophies (Ipecac) - here's my original post

2019 - Respect To The Authors 12" (Exile On Maistream) - here's my original post


The solo project of Will Brooks after the breakup of Dalek. Not as experimental and challenging but highly enjoyable and dark too

2011 - For The Ones (Deadverse Recordings, Drugfront Records)

2011 - I Got It EP (Deadverse Recordings)

2015 - Changing Culture With Revolvers (Deadverse Recordings)

Deadverse Massive - Takeover (2010, Deadverse Recordings) - project featuring several Dalek associates, mainly Oddateee, DLEMMA, Skala and Gym Brown, which was written and produced by MC Dalek


  1. Thx! Saw them once in early 00s NYC, should have paid them more attention...

  2. wow, lodestars of dalek, wasnt familiar much to me but now ears opened
    thanks hugely