Sunday, November 18, 2018

Bridget Hayden - Pure Touch Only From Now On, They Said So LP

Wow, just fucking wow. Bridget Hayden, violin player of Vibracathedral Orchestra, has created what might arguably be the best album of 2018. Employing mainly electric guitars and her mournful voice, she delivers a number of extremely lo-fi but highly evocative tracks full of sorrow and despair, making a very original form of noise blues. The most pertinent comparison would be Grouper, in that they both create a very ghost-like, dense atmosphere with spectral vocals and muffled sound, but this is more on the electric side. For some reason it also brings to my mind Burzum's Filosofem, in its very idiosyncratic low production, greenish arpeggios, and the layers of sorrowful fuzz oozing from everywhere. Don't just download this, go and buy the actual vinyl from Early Music, and then go to her bandcamp and listen to some more awesomeness.


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