Saturday, October 21, 2017

Louise Landes Levi ‎– Kinnari & Padma

At the request of a reader, I'm posting two more releases by Louise Landes Levi, whose amazing From the Ming Oracle lp was posted here. The one is Kinnari, originally released in 1986, and Padma, originally released in 1988. Both were self-rereleased by LLL in 2015, while her 2011 tape City of Delirium on Sloow Tapes, contained spoken words over excerpts from both works. Expect great Indian classical music with LLL on sarangi, and other musicians on sitar and tabla, along with the sounds of birds.

NOTE: These two haven't been ripped by me. I found them somewhere online (don't remember where), and I'm just re-posting them. Unfortunately, all files are in 128 kbps, which sucks, but I just obliged to the fellow reader's request. Sorry.




  1. Thanks a lot!!! M

  2. much appreciation for this-

    did you get asked to take down the Fugazi posts?

  3. thx for the comments. umm, i don't recall ever having uploaded any fugazi in the first place. i was however asked to remove some skullflower

  4. these recordings are so emotional so joyful, thank you consumer products scientists for the repeat button.