Sunday, September 24, 2017

Regler ‎– Regel #4 (HNW) cd

Regler is the project of Anders Bryngelsson of Brainbombs and Mattin. The idea of Regler is to play a variety of music genres just with rock instruments, particularly guitar and drums, and to deconstruct them at their basic core. Notable experiments include their amazing drone piece, a recent blues album, dbeat hardcore punk, and an outrageous take on classical music. The album here is a dissection of Harsh Noise Wall, without any walls of electronic distortion, but just with a truly punk-spirited savage noisecore annihilation of drums and guitar, albeit never going into grindcore mode. Arguably this is much more compulsive, unpleasant and unlistenable than almost all HNW works. As Vomir says in his liner notes this is Hardcore Wall. 2015 cd co-released by Pilgrim Talk, Decimation Sociale, Rapid Moment, and At War With False Noise.


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