Saturday, June 17, 2017

va - Doing The Right Thing Takes The Emptiness Away

Great 2006 CDR drone/noise comp by Pjorn72 featuring Alistair Crosbie, Kylie Minoise, Dirty Husband, Culver, Temple Of Static Christ, Handek, CKDH, Nimrod 33, Nackt Insecten, The Maniac Upstairs, Muscletusk, Legion, The Blue Brazilians, Opaque, Shareholder, Adverb, Noma, Usurper, Silent Order, U-Drift74, Fordell Research Unit, Wounded Knee and an unbelievable sinister drone by Harm (Samantha Davies of Skullflower, Voltigeurs, Valley of Fear). This track bears the namesake of Harm's demo The Dye From The Dresses of the Drowned Women, which is the only release by Harm I don't have, so please if anyone reading this has it, I'd be grateful if it could be shared.


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