Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Sonichaos Aeon - Symposium Lex O' Tanil tape


The next Sonichaos Aeon takes all the black metal and electronic elements of the previous demo and combine them with a lot of expired psychedelic narcotics to create a severely damaged trip. First four tracks alternate between fucked up black metal/industrial acting as a primitive version of Dodheimsgard (even the vocals are reminiscent of Aldrahn's) and unsettling beat-driven tranced-out dark electronica, as if the black metal tracks had been removed from Mysticum's In the Streams of Inferno. This is followed by two super-distorted tracks of garage/rock 'n' roll, and ending by two electronic remixes of "Satan Am I" from Hellel Benshahamar. The last one is pretty hilarious; it's a cheap club trance remix based on Spanish-sung distorted vocals and flamenco melodies. This is super fun but darkly toxic at the same time. 2002 self-released tape.


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