Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Mutilated Ear-drum / Melanocetus Murrayi / Gore Galore / Decomposing Vomit - Garbage 4 Sic tape

Split tape featuring bands of the Greek noise/grind scene. First is the indescribable Mutilated Ear-drum who play the murkiest possible goregrind, based only on distorted bass, drum machine and the most vomit-sounding gore vocals a pitch-shifter can achieve-Last Days of Humanity can only dream of doing this. Perfect. Second is Melanocetus Murrayi with a 20-minute track of their self-described "garbage noise." Gore Galore is yet another project of drummer/noiser Maou, together with another member of Raw Noise Apes and then Terrorismo Musical, playing dirty grindcore/mincecore, while Decomposing Vomit sound similar, albeit with a slightly more death metal edge. 2007 tape on the most reliable distributor of romantic soul music, Septic Aroma Of Reeking Stench.


Anal Disembowelment / Berkowitz / Bestial Vomit / Kadaver / Melanocetus Murrayi / Potabilizadora / Takashi Ohkawa / Urinary Dysfunction - 8 Way Split cdr

The Melanocetus Murrayi track on this is the first (noisecore) of their first demo cdr presented earlier. Anal Disembowelment play plastic drum-machine and distortobass-led goregrind with emetic vocals. Berkowitz from Poland plays cool throbbing hallucinating dark noise - nice stuff. Bestial Vomit from Italy play very distorted grindcore punk. Kadaver is a one-man harsh noise project from Israel, and here he makes deafening levitating/landing UFO sounds. Potabilizadora sounds like a faster and noisier/less-song-inclined Agoraphobic Nosebleed. Takashi Ohkawa from the Netherlands plays very low-frequency harsh noise with Abruptum-like screams. Urinary Dysfunction play noisecorish goregrind with drum machine and funny Donald Duck-esque vocals. 2007 cdr on Lo-Fi Records and La Musica Del Odio Records.


Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Melanocetus Murrayi - Untitled cdr

Melanocetus Murrayi is another side project of Maou of Raw Noise Apes/Filthy Noisy Anthrope from Thessaloniki, Greece, with an ecological/deepsea marine life thematic concept. Absolutely monstrous and unhinged improvised noisecore and harsh noise divided in two "movements" separated by a sample of Beethoven's "Presto Agitato" from the Moonlight Sonata. Of special note is the vocalist, who sounds like a cow on amphetamines. I remember seeing these guys live in a squat in Thessaloniki and being so loud and full of amps and pedals that they brought down the place's electrical system. 2006 self-released cdr.


Monday, April 16, 2018

9922 / Filthy Noisy Anthrope - Split CDR

The tracks of 9922 feature not too interesting fuzzed-bass and speedy drum machine grind/speedcore (with a fun cover of Joy Division's "They Walked In Line"), while the side of FilthyNoisyAnthrope starts with a sample of Satie's "Désespoir agréable" and contains almost 50 minutes of ear-splitting, relentless harsh noise, that is quite good. 2008 cdr on the almighty Septic Aroma Of Reeking Stench label from Athens.


Permanent Death & Filthy Noisy Anthrope - Split tape

Permanent Death was a three-piece band from Belgium featuring bassist Tony Schepkens who also played in mincecore legends Agathocles, and who unfortunately took his own life in 2008 (RIP).They did improvisational murky noisecore/grindcore that admittedly can get tedious. Filthy Noisy Anthrope continues playing screeching harsh noise made mostly with a mic, distortion pedals and a vocal pitch shifter pedal. 2007 self-released tape.


Sunday, April 15, 2018

Filthy Noise Anthrope - II tape

Second tape by this Greek harsh noise project, this time as Filthy Noise Anthrope, rather than Filthy Noisy Anthrope. Leaning more on the harsh side, still this contains a lot of musique concrète influences and seems to have been recorded live next to a leaking toilet by a guy throwing up his guts. Kinda like a harsher Posset. 2005 self-released tape


Saturday, April 14, 2018

Filthy Noisy Anthrope ‎– Untitled tape

Filthy Noisy Anthrope is a noise/musique concrète project of Maou, the drummer of Greek filthy noisegrindsters Raw Noise Apes, whose 7" with Dead Issue I have posted here. In this tape, he mixes field recordings with noise experiments with pedals, various objects banging with a gamelanish feel and bass murk to create a skronky noise muck. 2004 self-released tape.