Friday, March 16, 2018

Documenting the No-Audience Underground

I've frequently referred to the "no-audience underground" term which has been coined by Rob Hayler of Midwich and of Radio Free Midwich blog to describe the North England experimental/noise scene which consists of a core of musicians having eschewed the idea of being "accepted" or "understood" by a wider audience and play for themselves and for a group of people which includes also other musicians. In this blog I have covered many of the musicians involved in this scene like Culver, Smut, Witchblood, Posset, etc, that play some of the best music ever recorded in the experimental/drone/noise milieu. Now that the Radio Free Midwich blog has ceased operations, the task of making this scene visible has been upheld by other media, one of which is the TQ Zine I covered last week. Another very interesting project is the No-Audience Underground Tapes initiated by David Howcroft. He documents live gigs of various artists playing in the hotbeds of this scene, Newcastle and Gateshead, which he then puts to tape and sends for free to anyone asking, not even asking for shipping costs. I have myself got a number of tapes. This is undeground sharing par excellence. So far he has produced more than 40 tapes, including live gigs by Culver, Vampyres, Depletion, Smut, Witchblood, Posset, The New Blockaders, Xazzaz, Noize Choir, Fells, gigs in the Tusk Festival and many many others. Also I hear he's doing an interesting Nurse With Wound project which sounds fun.

I think that this is a project that really encapsulates the meaning of the underground. Having stated here that downloading is not enough and that we all ought to support great artists by giving something in return and that physical tapes, cds or vinyl cannot be replaced by mp3 files, I highly urge that all readers send an email to David to get copies of those gigs and to encourage him to keep the N-Aut project going. His email is

Belgium - A Visual Concert

Belgium is a German music ensemble headed by Georg Sehrbrock fusing classical music with rhythmic ambient music, contemporary jazz and eastern influences in that style that was very popular in the 1980s and early 1990s and which you could hear in all kinds of documentaries. This was their first album. 1994 cd on Klangbilder.


Thursday, March 15, 2018

dsic ‎– Love City cdr

Glitchy noisy electronics by this New Zealand/UK outfit. Mid-to-late-90s Coil meets computer-era Merzbow? 2007 cdr on lf records.


Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Misha Mishajashvili

Misha Mishajashvili is a dub/ambient artist from Lasnamäe, Talinn, Estonia and he kindly sent me some of his stuff to listen to. One of the labels he uses to describe his music is "stalincore," which is a very intriguing concept in itself given this blog's fascination with Georgian mustaches. The "Stalin" aspect lays in Misha's inclusion of speeches of various CCCP officials in his tracks It is also quite interesting to see a guy from Estonia, which is a country that was incorporated into the Soviet Union under - to put it mildly - dubious conditions. So, Misha's music is heavy industrial/dub drum rhythms and distortions - that would sound in place in a dark decadent post-Soviet club - over samples of old Russian orchestrated music pieces and choirs (and possibly other sources). So, if I had to draw comparison, I'd say this is like a rhythmic version of The Caretaker (due to the ballroom pieces) and perhaps of Quantic (due to the cinematic quality created), thereby creating a dystopian but also dreamy feeling that is accentuated by the Soviet speeches.


Misha's blog is and you can go there to listen to his stuff and perhaps contribute something. I'd recommend the most recent 2018 album as a good start, and perhaps 2011 which includes more traditional music samples.

Farewell to Stephen Hawking

I woke up early this morning and went to the Wikipedia site for my daily dose of Middle East attacks and I see in the recent deaths section that Stephen Hawking passed away. There's not much to say about his contribution to cosmology and theoretical physics, especially his expounding of theories on this great natural phenomenon called the black hole, not to mention how important his presence has been to bring down religious interpretations of the world's origins. On a more personal note, however, I should say that being a physicist myself I cannot even begin to count how many hours I've spend reading his works or watching videos about him. So, just as a little and meaningless farewell I'm dedicating one of the most famous Rush songs, which is about that one dark star, for which Hawking wagered a bet against Kip Thorne on whether it is a black hole, plus the purported captured sound of gravitational waves coming the collision of black holes, as well as the sounds of the rings of Saturn. Although the exploration of our solar system wasn't his main interest, the contribution of astrophysicists and cosmologists to our understanding and knowledge of the universe is a great source of noise bliss for all of us freaks.


Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Posset - The Sultan EP cdr

Dictaphone manipulation, found noises and musics, and clanging, albeit without any salivating on the mic by Joe Murray, aka Posset. WTF is Putin doing on the cover wearing a Russian flag skullcap? 2010 self-released cdr.


Monday, March 12, 2018

Posset ‎– Peed-trofm:oc tape

This is surprisingly varied given its short duration. It features Joe Murray-Posset's standard drooling madness, severely autistic moanings and field recordings dicta manipulation and then moves to cooking pots banning with an admiringly aptitude at creating drum rolls and even blast beats (he's like the Pete Sandovan of kitchen drumming), ending with a calming ambient loop w/ tonal alterations. Sweet little thingy. 2010 tape on Gold Soundz.


Sunday, March 11, 2018

Posset - The Silver Conch cdr

A garden of musical and non-musical sketches played on dictaphones, ranging from musique concrete skronk to Nurse With Wound influences and droney moments. 2010 cdr on Striate Cortex.


V/A ‎– Concentric Spaces Vol. 2 cdr

Top-notch compilation with great packaging featuring space ambient/ drone by Deep Loom, Wbaum, Enfer Boreal, denser drone by Trudy, Pink Desert, psychedelic wah similar to Ashtray Navigations by Vibrafuzz, motorik noise by Cannibal Movie (featuring Donato Epiro), ethereal post rock by Spaces Between, acoustic guitar/e-bow drone for sitting on rocky desert hills by Seabuckthorn, and a water drop composition by Ammonites. 2011 cdr on Striate Cortex.


Friday, March 9, 2018

TQ Zine

With the Radio Free Midwich website going into hibernation mode, the no-audience underground (the very punctual term coined by Rob Hayler) has lost (hopefully temporarily) a great source of information and promotion of extremely talented and attention-deserving artists. Of course there are other superb platforms for getting to know new noise and experimental music such as Idwal Fisher, but RFM's gap may to a certain extent be additionally filled by the TQ Zine. Now being in its eighth issue (if I'm not mistaken) this zine headed by Andy Wood covers similar musical interests as RFM, with an attention to the North-East English scene focusing on Gateshead and other towns, with well-written record reviews, the very-short-review column of Hashtag Noizelife, reports from gigs, classic album retrospectives, as well as interviews, both with musicians and other artists. And this is done in the beloved form of a printed, A5-size effort, to remind us of the importance of the physicality of the noise we adore. Furthermore, the editor of the zine has been kind enough to send to subscribers a free copy of the Chow Mwng Nunavik cd, and from what I see he has more free stuff in store for anyone having decided to spend their hard-earned money on this worthwhile attempt. As such, I highly recommend that everyone take a look at the zine's blog and consider making a subscription. Thanks to Andy Wood!

Leitmotiv Limbo ‎– Limbo / Wind Swept tape

Extraterrestrial varied weirdness by this Estonia-via-Australia project working in ambient, synthy rhythms, and toxic funk/jazz, in a world where 1980's Coil, 1970's Throbbing Gristle and nowadays Wolf Eyes would be one multi-tentacle monster musician. 2014 tape on Servataguse Muusika.


Wednesday, March 7, 2018

VA - Tracking tape

Alien drone and noise by Kristian M Roberts, Grey Park, and Leitmotiv Limbo, also possessing something similar to early industrial and experimental giants such as Throbbing Gristle and Coil. 2015 tape on Servataguse Muusika.


Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Gigantmæcg ‎- Bone And Steel cdr

Swarming hellish, bad-trip noise and motorik drum rhythms buried real deep under the noise by Mike Simpson of Xazzaz and George Proctor of Mutant Ape, etc. 2013 cdr on Molotov Records.


Monday, March 5, 2018

VA ‎– New Horizons From The Distant Void cdr


9-track compilation featuring drone, ambient and musique concrète by The Good Time Guys, Culver, Very Rich Lexion, Bjerga/Iversen, Nils Rostad, Dead Wood, Dictaphonic Youth, No Context & Sindre Bjerga, and Gish. 2010 cdr on Striate Cortex.


Sunday, March 4, 2018

Dödsdömd ‎– De Sju Dödssynderna 7"

Dödsdömd's second work, this 7" three years after their first cd, is a masterpiece of Swedish käng, with amazing riffs (the chorus of fourth track "Lattja" is just anthemic), mad vocals and a sinister, black-metal-like atmosphere, which is also evident in the lyrics dealing with the seven sins, and in the band pic, where we can see them sporting corpse-paint. Must have. 2006 7" on Havoc Records.


Dödsdömd ‎– Samhällets Fiender Nummer Ett cd

Dödsdömd were a Swedish käng band, käng being the particularly Swedish form of savage d-beat/crust punk with multiple vocalists and crazy riffs/solos. They made a run of four years, during which they released one full-length cd and three 7"s. This is their debut full-length cd, filled with fast drums, punk/metal riffs and three vocalists shouting stuff in Swedish. 2003 cd on Putrid Filth Conspiracy.


Saturday, March 3, 2018

VA - Magnetic Decay tape

Experimental electronics and drone on this compilation made on a recycled cassette, featuring Norwegians Håkon Lie and Sindre Bjerga (in one of his darkest moments) along with Brits Ian Watson and F.Ampism. 2015 tape on Gold Soundz.


Friday, March 2, 2018

V/A ‎– Behind The Toilet Door Part I tape

Fucked-up idea for a compilation, featuring artists performing live where the title actually says, that is in a toilet. Stuff here is noise, spoken word, dictaphone skronk, drone and even some hardcore techno/gabber. Artists are: Brian Meuter And The Grandfather Clock (also known as Wrest/Jamie Stewart, whom we have mentioned in his work with Oppenheimer and Satanhartalt), One Wobbly Egg containing the sounds of urination, Waz Hoola (we know him already from other posts here), Dirty Den And "Wild" Joe Parsons beginning the set with the Police Academy theme, MC Blazin passing around XTC pills, Chris "Pause" Richardson, who is a crazy guy releasing tapes on Matching Head with samples from car races, Ron The Birdcage playing folk drone, and Tighten Me Jewels. 2013 tape on Turgid Animal.


Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Seth Cooke - Pneuma cdr


As the title may suggest, the basis for this release is formed by sounds of pneumatic drills. However, does it focus on the actual pummeling of industrial machinery but on ringing, oscillating tones and drones generated from pneumatic drills. Perhaps this is what a worker hears after working on pneumatic drills for years on end. Or this could be the sound of pneumatic drill heaven where all good machinery goes to rest after years of service to the best interests of the capitalist machine. At any rate, get this, it rules. 2012 cdr on lf records.


Jav Octaves - 01 3" cdr

The concept of this release is creating a waveform with a wav editing a program and then processing variations via a mathematical formula. 2003 3" cdr on Stop/Eject.


Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Aboolele - Uuuuuu Sssssss Aboolele cdr


Varied noise styles by Israeli "bedroom artist" Aboolele, with rhythmic noises, IDM, and 8-bit-styled harshness. Fun. 2005 cdr ron_zed DIY records.


Monday, February 26, 2018

Wereju ‎– Who And What We Are 4Xtape


 Ambient and drone reverberating synth/guitarscapes by Cathal Rodgers ranging from Culver-like black hole darkness to melancholic longing melodies akin to the Danish synth sound expounded by the Janushoved label. 2010 box of four tapes on Idrone Park.

Download tape 1
Download tape 2
Download tape 3
Download tape 4

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Rivercrest ‎– Etherische Chemie cdr

Fucking awesome psychedelic jazz haze by these Belgians affiliates of Silvester Anfang, with heavy use of the "Memotron," a digitalized alteration of the mellotron, and the saxophone. This would be the heavenly music that would come out had Gong and Soft Machine been one band. Two must-listen jams. 2007 cdr on Funeral Folk.