Friday, December 7, 2018

Xqui - November EP

The very creative Xqui, whose first releases I've talked about here, returns with a series of sinister lo-fi ambient drone. Don't know if the samples he captured on his mobile phone were taken from the place on the cover that warns of a "deep excavation," but there's truly a really subterranean feel to the recordings. Xqui here touches on some of the best masters of dark ambient like raison d'être, and Yen Pox, as well as the narrative approach to drone as perfected by Troum, but with a much more industrial perspective. This is Lovecraftian horror for urban landscapes, where Nyarlathotep preaches the message of the Great Old Ones in the metro or through text apps.

As always, Xqui is offering this great recording for on a voluntary-payment-basis, so enjoy it for free, but I'd urge everyone to give something to this very talented artist.

And I just noticed he's putting his second full-length cd called Capitulate (after the sublime Dragon) out early next year and is offering a pre-order period for it. From the three tracks posted, it seems he's already moving to other directions, especially on "Valley," which has a new agey-hypnagogic-industrial approach. Will be eagerly waiting for this one, too!

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