Friday, July 13, 2018

Reeks And The Wrecks ‎– Knife Hits cd

One of the most undeservedly underrated and defunct bands of all time, Reeks and the Wrecks were from Bellingham, Washington and played experimental and noisy rock on self-made instruments. Their sound included a loud and distorted trombone and combined surf and psychobilly with a very noisy and humid, sticky, style of almost math-y punk and jazz noir and an emphasis on repetitive funeral dirges and dissonance that wouldn't be unlike Tom Waits, Sonic Youth or Keelhaul or out of place in a Jim Jarmusch film. Sadly, the band's mainman Orion Satushek was killed in a traffic accident in 2003, before seeing this amazing album being brought out. There's a 1998 12" called U, which I can't find anywhere to download, so people, please, if you have it, do something! This is one of the most highly recommended albums that will ever pass from this blog, so do yourself a favor and hear this! 2005 cd on tUMULt.