Monday, October 16, 2017

If, Bwana - The Ice Moons CD

For three decades now, Al Margolis has been creating drones based on contemporary avant-garde music. On this cd, the sound sources have been baritone sax, cello, violin, clarinet as well as vocals, assembled to create a minimalist sound which is almost Gyorgy Ligetti-ish at some points (third track), or Stockhausen-y in the wind instrument parts. Very highly recommended. 2014 cd on Nefryt.



  1. cool- thnxs for turning me onto this artist. saw the name a few times cause it reminds me of the artist Bwana Spoons-

  2. Thank you, Vladimir.

    You have more albums from Al?

  3. hello, thx for writing. no, i don't think i have something more, because he uploads a lot of stuff on his bandcamp and some other blogs have posted stuff as well. but i guess i need to grab some more because it rocks (very slowly of course)