Thursday, October 5, 2017

Amanita Vulva ‎– Dwellers Of Klein Eiland tape


Simmering psychedelic drone jams by ex-Sylvester Anfang II members Bart DePaepe (Sloow Tapes, etc.) and Ernesto Gonzalez (Bear Bones, Lay Low) and angoulème oridian, Weird Dust and Bonzai Tarzan. Some of it very Amon Duul II-ish (track 6), while other tracks are so good just for crawling on the floor from being wasted or sleepy. 2015 tape on Sloow Tapes, each tape carrying different artwork.



  1. Thought it was an oTo tape at first glance!

  2. wasn't aware of this- enjoy both representatives that are involved so can't go wrong & with Sloow Tapes selling out so quick- thank you