Friday, March 2, 2018

V/A ‎– Behind The Toilet Door Part I tape

Fucked-up idea for a compilation, featuring artists performing live where the title actually says, that is in a toilet. Stuff here is noise, spoken word, dictaphone skronk, drone and even some hardcore techno/gabber. Artists are: Brian Meuter And The Grandfather Clock (also known as Wrest/Jamie Stewart, whom we have mentioned in his work with Oppenheimer and Satanhartalt), One Wobbly Egg containing the sounds of urination, Waz Hoola (we know him already from other posts here), Dirty Den And "Wild" Joe Parsons beginning the set with the Police Academy theme, MC Blazin passing around XTC pills, Chris "Pause" Richardson, who is a crazy guy releasing tapes on Matching Head with samples from car races, Ron The Birdcage playing folk drone, and Tighten Me Jewels. 2013 tape on Turgid Animal.


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