Tuesday, March 20, 2018


Antireality is a noise/experimental project from Latvia. From the few releases I have heard he works at the intersection of noise, ambient and drone, encompassing a broad spectrum of feedback, acoustics and frequency shifts. His music also balances between an urban mood evident in the more harsh moments which is reinforced by various field recordings, and an affinity with the mystical, and more particularly with the esoteric traditions of Hinduism/Buddhism. These are clearly showcased in his multiple collaborations with (I understand also Latvian) musician Bērnu Rīts and John Grzinich (remember him from Bleak Bliss?), in which they play deep meditative droning noise with references to those metaphysical traditions. While I like most of what I have heard, these collaborations are the most highly recommended, and Antireality has been generous enough to provide download links for free.
On top of all that, he is a radio producer presenting raga music from India as well as various folk from across Asia on Radio Naba, which I understand is affiliated with the Latvian state broadcasting organization. These radio shows are an immense treasure trove of music I've never heard before, and I hugely appreciate all the sharing!

Ab Hoc Et Ab Hac (live collab with Bērnu Rīts, J.R.French, J.Grzinich, S.Whetham, Sound Meccano)

Antireality, Bērnu ts, Toms Shiklovs (interplays) J.Grzinich ''Phase Inversion''

Bērnu Rīts, Felicity Mangan, Antireality - Nechakra

Bērnu Rīts , Toms Šiklovs , Antireality - Panaktenis Ar Šri Induku

Bērnu Rīts, Antireality, Edgars Rubenis, Krišjānis Katans - live@survival kit

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