Friday, March 23, 2018

Rahmane & dsic ‎– Occident Caravan Blues (2016, lf records)

 Humid improvised electronics on this live recording by Rahmane, the alter ego of Duncan Bruce, and dsic, very much like a mixture of both artists' styles, that is menacing dungeon avant-horror with organs and Coil-esque glitchy levitations. New Zealand guaranteed quality, so grab it. 2016 tape on lf records.



  1. heyum, i wa swonderin' if ya possess any vampyres material, o' th' Lee Stokoe variety?!? thanx!!!

  2. hey, i do possess the vampyres stuff, but lee has asked me very politely to abstain from posting some of his stuff, related to culver, witchblood and matching head, so i want to respect his wish. there's my email up there though which could come handy to you... plus the vampyres at war with false noise tape is available for streaming