Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Farewell to Stephen Hawking

I woke up early this morning and went to the Wikipedia site for my daily dose of Middle East attacks and I see in the recent deaths section that Stephen Hawking passed away. There's not much to say about his contribution to cosmology and theoretical physics, especially his expounding of theories on this great natural phenomenon called the black hole, not to mention how important his presence has been to bring down religious interpretations of the world's origins. On a more personal note, however, I should say that being a physicist myself I cannot even begin to count how many hours I've spend reading his works or watching videos about him. So, just as a little and meaningless farewell I'm dedicating one of the most famous Rush songs, which is about that one dark star, for which Hawking wagered a bet against Kip Thorne on whether it is a black hole, plus the purported captured sound of gravitational waves coming the collision of black holes, as well as the sounds of the rings of Saturn. Although the exploration of our solar system wasn't his main interest, the contribution of astrophysicists and cosmologists to our understanding and knowledge of the universe is a great source of noise bliss for all of us freaks.


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