Friday, March 30, 2018

Caleb Scofield RIP

I have just learned of the death of Caleb Scofield, bassist of Cave In, Old Man Gloom and Zozobra, in a gruesome motor accident in which he reportedly burned to death. Of all the musicians dying in recent years which have made big press, this one is the most tragic for me, basically because he was a young man with a family, and he hadn't lived life to the fullest in the way Lemmy, Fast Eddie Clarke, David Bowie or Leonard Cohen had. That and also the fact that his music meant so much to me as I grew up and discovered through his work with Cave In (and the experimental hardcore/metal scene of Boston, including Isis and Hydrahead Records) a whole bunch of bands that were inspired by Cave In's amazing and innovative metallic post hardcore. He was one of the most versatile and forward-thinking bass players to have come out of the hardcore punk genre, having been an integral part of masterpieces such as Jupiter, Until Your Heart Stops, Creative Eclipses and I must say I even loved the mellow Tides of Tomorrow and the radio-friendly Antenna, which is a taboo album for many. And to boot he was a member of the ultimate sludge metal band Old Man Glood, whose III: Zozobra, II: The Holy Rites and Christmas are three of my all time favorite albums. Caleb, you will be missed.

A few tracks in his honor:

The psychedelic hardcore madness of "Juggernaut" with the double vocals of Caleb and Stephen Brodsky

The intensity of "Big Riff" with Caleb growling at some point

Old Man Gloom's "Gift" with one of the most beautiful riffs ever

"Deserts In Your Eyes," one of the few songs in the "stoner" genre that I like

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