Friday, March 9, 2018

TQ Zine

With the Radio Free Midwich website going into hibernation mode, the no-audience underground (the very punctual term coined by Rob Hayler) has lost (hopefully temporarily) a great source of information and promotion of extremely talented and attention-deserving artists. Of course there are other superb platforms for getting to know new noise and experimental music such as Idwal Fisher, but RFM's gap may to a certain extent be additionally filled by the TQ Zine. Now being in its eighth issue (if I'm not mistaken) this zine headed by Andy Wood covers similar musical interests as RFM, with an attention to the North-East English scene focusing on Gateshead and other towns, with well-written record reviews, the very-short-review column of Hashtag Noizelife, reports from gigs, classic album retrospectives, as well as interviews, both with musicians and other artists. And this is done in the beloved form of a printed, A5-size effort, to remind us of the importance of the physicality of the noise we adore. Furthermore, the editor of the zine has been kind enough to send to subscribers a free copy of the Chow Mwng Nunavik cd, and from what I see he has more free stuff in store for anyone having decided to spend their hard-earned money on this worthwhile attempt. As such, I highly recommend that everyone take a look at the zine's blog and consider making a subscription. Thanks to Andy Wood!

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  1. Thank you for this. If there are any other noise/experimental music zines you know of,please let us know!