Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Tarantula Hawk

Band from Oakland, California featuring ex-members of The Locust and a guy who played in the latest Faust album. They released two albums and played some sort of instrumental psychedelic progressive post-punk heavily based on synth/organ. Their first album featured also some The Locust influences, with blastbeats and aggression. Their second album was more psychedelic/hazy with a touch of slow-building doom metal riffs. I think of them as kind of Word As Law/Souls At Zero-era Neurosis with the keyboards of Genesis. Aside from their two albums, they maintained a site that offered three live recordings that are way more psychedelic and lysergic, and I upload all of them here. Enjoy.

2000 - Burrow (January 2000 live recording)

2000 - Tarantula Hawk (on Life Is Abuse)

2000 - Desert Solitaire (live August 2000)

2001 - Live At KFJC 07.15.01

2002 - Tarantula Hawk (on Neurot)

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