Thursday, August 16, 2018

Repugnant & Kaamos Live In Kafe 44, Stockholm, 21.3.2003 tape

The two best bands of the old-school Swedish death metal early-2000s revival on a split live tape. Repugnant never took off as they only released a few tapes and a posthumous full-length; their singer however became world famous as the guy behind this overrated heavy rock band called Ghost, meh. They played death metal very close to the roots of Dismember and Entombed and the singer had a very cool thrash metal voice. Now Kaamos was one of the truly best metal bands of all time, albeit an unsung one that ended too soon, after two full lengths, a 10" and a CDEP. They weren't at all copycats of the old legendary sound, but they played an extremely technically proficient epic style of death metal that took a lot of influences of Unleashed that really surpassed Unleashed's quality and mixed them with other influences from Sadistic Intent and doomier parts akin to Candlemass and produced some of the best death metal ever recorded, especially in their first self-titled album. I was lucky enough to catch them in action around 2005-2006 and they were the absolute business, as can be also be understood from this live recording. 2003 tape on Escorbuto.

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