Monday, January 29, 2018

Various ‎– George Ferguson McKeating 2CDR

The first Bells Hill label release was a benefit compilation in the memory of the head of the label and musician (Mudguts, Black Leather Cop) Scott McKeating's father who died of Pancreatic Cancer, with the money intended to be donated to the Pancreatic Research Fund and included a small heartfelt note by Scott. The musicians who gathered to pay respect are the following, including giants of the English and American experimental/noise scene: the one and only Richard Youngs collaborating with Alex Neilson (ex-Ashtray Navigations), Astral Social Club, Culver, Mirag (Matthew Bower), Hapsburg Braganza, Vars of Litchi, Hasan Gaylani (of Jazzfinger), Jazzfinger themselves, Graveyards (with John Olson of Wolf Eyes), Greg Kelley again with Alex Neilson, Mechanical Children, Trauma, and Blood Stereo (Dylan Nyoukis and Karen Constance). So, by the names you know you should expect top drone, noise, experimental and psychedelic music. 2009 2XCDR on Bells Hill.


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