Sunday, January 7, 2018

Shift - Creation & Space LP


Martin Willford as Shift has been producing some of the most unsettling dark noise in recent years, including albums such as Unable to Abide the Silence of the World and Altamont Rising. This LP hereby is another great one, joined by the one and only Lee Stokoe on bass, offering a unique blend of unforgivingly grey industrial noise with harrowing moments of piano quiet. Judging by this interview and his recent collab with right-wing fascist Muslim-hating scum Koufar, I've got to say that I suspect that his politics would earn him a fine place at the gallows, but since I'm not a PC SJW, I'd say cynically that if this is the case, all the more reason to rip him off and steal his property, right? In the words of Haare, Destroy Fascism - Love Forever. 2008 LP on At War With False Noise.



  1. At War With False NoiseJanuary 8, 2018 at 9:23 AM

    What exactly in that interview leads you to believe his politics is in any way right wing? Ironically it's this kind of moronic writing that I guess the line "Anti-fascism is the last refuge of the untalented!" is aimed at in that interview, cos your desperation to out someone as a dodger, "send him to the gallows" and "rip him off" for the most tenuous of reasons makes you look like a fucking idiot.
    Find it absolutely astonishing that an almost meaningless statement like "Destroy Fascism, Love Forever" is considered entirely poignant yet even the slightest kernel of anything from the other side is taken as evidence for a hanging.
    I've released records by both artists by the way, and judging by this the intent of both has and will continue to fly way over your head.

  2. I'm pretty sure you don't know how to read. Otherwise you would have seen how this post starts, with links as to where people can buy his music, and not from Discogs, but from a place where he could actually get some money in return for the music he does. This means that I give him the benefit of doubt and I encourage the support he can get. And I didn't post an album he could still get some profit from but an LP that is unavailable and out of print as far as I know.

    As I said I'm not politically correct so I don't care about racism or sexism alerts and boycotts like "oh, this guy's a fascist, don't listen to him." Because art and politics is separable, but not to a complete extent, especially when you state your politics. And in case you didn't notice - which you did, but you just elaborately tried to evade just to make your paternalistic point - my judgement wasn't made just on his interview, but also - and mainly - on his work with Koufar. No, I'm trying to make someone guilty by association, but when one makes a release celebrating the Nazi Olympics of 1936, and the presence of Pierre Gemayel there - you know who Pierre Gemayel was? - then it means that one probably does support such ideologies.

    By the way I fucking love how your desperate quasi-neutral, liberal-ass, be-fair-to-all-opinions argument is actually a defense of fascism vis-a-vis the horseshoe theory you're showing here. Because you're actually equating a motto like "destroy fascism" to the "slightest kernel of anything from the other side." In fact, your pseudo-pacifist denunciation of anti-fascist rhetoric (which, yes and justifiably so, includes incitement to violence) seeks to define as innocent those who say whatever they want, no matter what it is that they're saying. You know who else did so kinda recently? A red-haired bigot from the White House who said that antifascists were worse than the fascists who marched in Charlottesville.

    Or is what these guys are doing shock-value stuff? That kinda fizzed out since Throbbing Gristle you know, huh?

    So, is that guy from the other side or not? You don't even know how to defend him. I would advise you to first read something completely and then start typing your vomit.

  3. For sure he is not on your side Vladimir, the stupid side. Fuck, worst is i am sure you don't understand the bullshits you write, your contradictions, anything.