Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Skull Mask - Walls of Convenience tape

Feverish, mind-numbing guitarscapes by the absolute master Miguel Pérez. The amount of delay here gives a sense of an oozing ever-flowing agony and fear. Being aware Miguel's political standpoint as he was involved in the benefit compilation You Are Welcome Here by Fabrica Records with tracks from Skull Mask and La Mancha Del Pecado, whose proceeds would go to refugee aid organizations, I cannot but think that the title of this tape is related to Trump's election and his intentions to build a wall on the US-Mex border. As Miguel is a Mexican himself from Ciudad Juárez, a city located on the Tex-Mex crossing line and in the chaos of the Drug War and the disappearings of dozens of women, the "walls of convenience" is his critique of the creation of a wall that would seem to provide a sense of "convenience" and "security" to the privileged white citizens against the "threat" of the "filthy migrant." In this sense, the threatening and urgent atmosphere of the music here could be an expression of the fact that your fucking walls will not be able to stop us from coming in and destroying your clean, consumerist Western world of shopping malls and of exploitation of the labor of the immigrants and refugees. Words are very limiting to express the greatness involved here. 2016 tape on Matching Head.

Download (removed after artist's request)