Friday, January 12, 2018

Coil - Queens of the Circulating Library cd

I remember having bought this cd during the summer after I had finished high school, trying to calm down after my college entry exams and waiting to see if I would go to the university. I already loved Coil, they were one of the very very first experimental/noise/ambient groups I had discovered, as I mainly listened to hardcore punk and grindcore at the time. So when I bought this my parents had gone on holiday and I was home alone and it was scorching hot outside. So I started listening to this and turned on the air-conditioning machine at full blast. The feeling of machine-produced cold and the psychedelic trance-like ambient music just made me so blissful. This cd totally belongs in 1970's Germany, Florian Fricke or Klaus Schulze would have been totally proud to release this. Sleazy isn't playing on this one, just John Balance and Thighpaulsandra, plus sandra's mother reciting. 2000 cd on Eskaton.


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