Thursday, November 2, 2017

HaiKai No Ku - Blood Sunset CD-R

I'm in a sleepy mood, so I thought I should post something monotonous, slow and heavy. HaiKai No Ku is a project of Jerome Smith [bass-also playing in Oppenheimer (already covered here), Charles Dexter Ward and Female Borstal], Sam Booth (drums), and Mike Vest (guitar-also in Bong, Space Victim, Lobster Priest, and Basilica). The presence of Mike Vest should already say a lot about what to expect here: psychedelic vastness under a lot of guitar feedback, while the riffs and the slow, crushing drums pay homage to Skullflower IIIrd Gatekeeper-era, along with a touch of the blues. Ideal for grey mornings. 2013 cdr on Molotov Productions.



  1. Hi Vladimir,

    if you mentioned Skullflower, when do you plan post part 2?

  2. hi thanks for writing
    unfortunately the second part will be kept from being posted indefinitely due to their mastermind's cease-and-desist comment he left under the post of their latest album (which has been deleted since then). subsequently, due to the offensive and threatening nature of his contact, i'll not be posting anything related to him or sf anymore. for more you can contact me at the email address on the right