Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Béla Bartók ‎– Concerto For Orchestra & The Miraculous Mandarin (Austrian Radio Symphony Orchestra)

This is a symphony Béla Bartók composed in 1943, performed by the Austrian Radio Symphony Orchestra and conducted by Milan Horvat. Bartók called this a concerto for the solo manner in which different instrument sections are presented. I fucking love this. Informed by his use of folk music, it is a dark, nightly composition with a lot of droning qualities in the horn and woodwind sections.

The Miraculous Mandarin was a score for a ballet Bartók wrote in the early 1920s, which starts with an amazingly aggressive and dissonant section of violins, and alternates between excellent quiet pieces of woodwinds and awesome brass/string waltz-like instances, and ends in a superb galloping manner. I ripped this from a tape of the "Rose Collection.


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